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Sheet-Cut (Paper Cutting) Layout Program


When cutting larger sheets of paper (or other flat stock) to a smaller size on a knife-cutter and the grain does not matter it is sometimes possible to get more pieces out by "swinging" a group of pieces in the other direction. For example:


When grain must run in a certain direction all inner pieces must be oriented according to that of the full size sheet we are cutting into smaller pieces. For this there are Grain checkboxes for finish and full size (including for stock file) as shown circled below:

Side Trims

Sometimes the full size stock is out of square or edges must be trimmed to jog properly while cutting and requires a trim be taken off one or more sides.

Center Trims

Center Trims add space between each of the pieces in the layout.


Bleeds add a trim between sheets where the printing goes all the way to one edge.

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